Discover the work of Denise McKeever

First Denise McKeever is a wife and mother of three, a B.A. Honours Design graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and an ex-business owner for over 25 years. Her transition into writing and illustration began several years ago, after her experience as a young volunteer business mentor.

‘Writing and illustrating books has become a brilliant medium to share my ideas with young people who lack confidence and belief in their ability to fulfil their dreams’.

Further Denise has a real passion for empowering and encouraging young people to fulfil their potential through the skills of self-help, business and creativity.

What’s more her current role as a Business Mentor allows her to help and inspire young entrepreneurs and allow her the time to create her unique style and genre of Children, Young Adult books & illustrations.


Alternatively why not discover more about Denise and her sensational books by visiting her Young Adult books on Amazon. And you will discover a new genre of books with an enthusiastic & inspiring host. Similarly if you want to understand more about Denise her history & background feel free to learn more on her personal profile on Linkedin. What’s more understand more about her design work, creations, patents and life experiences over the past 30 years.

Colourful Children’s Books

In addition to her Young adult books Denise has a collection of children’s books. Unlike many of her Young Adult greyscale illustrations her kid’s picture books are bursting with colour. If you want to introduce your little one’s to self-help and positivity you will love her picture books.

Learn more about our Picture Books

Furthermore why not learn more and discover her collection of Positive Books- in particular Scottish Alphabet: for Children. Instead of just an ordinary alphabet book this contains positive thinking.

Also all of Denise McKeever’s picture books are available in both Ebook and paperback formats. With ‘My First Friend; Your First Dog’ which has sold in over 42 U.S.A States in paperback format. Plus a new collection of books in hardback including My Favourite Dog Book Collection & The Scribblers: Doodle, Digit, Splat & Scribe!

Finally our next project will be launching a new collection of Scottish folklore books!

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