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Granny Burns Story Time

Story time-The clock is ticking and it’s time for Story time with Granny Burns!

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…is a village long forgotten and known as Brigadoon… on the outskirts of this village unaffected by time you will find a little cottage frozen in time. Where you can find Granny Burns reading bedtime stories every day. Come and visit the Burns Cottage and let your children escape the worries of today! A safe space for only childlike thoughts a kind and sacred space.”

New Bedtime Story time

Join Granny Burns (Narrated by Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator) as she shares her beautiful vibrant children’s picture book stories for little ones. For parents looking for a traditional and wholesome story time with traditional books and values you will love the collection of bedtime stories read by Granny Burns from her magical Burns Cottage in Brigadoon, Scotland every Saturday.

A wonderful opportunity to preview all of Denise McKeever’s picture books for wee one’s. Start a new bedtime routine every Saturday by tuning into our latest premier of one of our Story telling episodes with Granny Burns from Burns Cottage in the faraway place of Brigadoon!

Story time clock with Granny Burns

Launching on Saturday 23rd September 2023!

COMING 9 Week Schedule for SERIES 01:

Episode 01: My First Friend. Saturday 23rd September 2023

Episode 02: Puppy Love. Saturday 30th September 2023

Episode 03: Splat: The Scribblers. Saturday 7th October 2023

Episode 04: Scottish Alphabet: for Children. Saturday 14th October 2023

Episode 05: Doodle: The Scribblers. Saturday 21st October 2023

Episode 06: The Jungle Gym. Saturday 28th October 2023

Episode 07: Digit: The Scribblers. Saturday 4th November 2023

Episode 08: I Love My Dog . Saturday 11th November 2023

Episode 09: Scribe: The Scribblers. Saturday 18th November 2023

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