Digit: Encourage your child’s interest and love of numbers and counting

Discover The Scribblers and Digit: Encourage your child’s interest and love of numbers and counting! Available to download FREE in eBook format from 29th February to 2nd March 2024 only.

Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘The Scribblers’ and the joyful world of Digit! Discover and encourage your Child’s individual skills and talents through numbers and understanding their love of counting and numeracy with our wonderful character Digit! If your child love’s numbers, counting and arithmetic this humorous characterisations of your Child’s talents and joy of numbers can develop into something wonderful and creative. 

Why not discover if you may have your own little Scribe,Doodle,Splat or Digit?

  • The Scribblers book series is an Exciting and Creative Book Series!
  • Each Book Highlights the Individual Skills and Talents of Children at an Early Age!
  • Does your Little One Love numbers & counting? 
  • Introduce your child to our Fantastical Creative Creatures that they will Love and Identify with as they discover their Own Individual Talents, Interests and Loves.
  • Read this book along and aloud with Granny Burns Story Time on YouTube!
  • REMEBER ALL of our Paperbacks/Hardbacks are printed especially for your individual order by Amazon!

Enjoy also some humorous characterisations of young children depicted by Digit who loves numbers, Doodles fascination of drawing or Splats exuberant joy of self expression. Just a few of the many books created by Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator Denise McKeever.

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