‘Truth’ the 1st principle in Parenting Teens

In my Young Adult fantasy novel ‘The Gamekeepers; the Highland Games’ the character Misneachail teaches the most important concept missing in the 21st Century ‘Truth’. Misneachail epitomises the necessity for calling out the ‘Truth’ and its necessity for the world and society to function.

   ” ‘A’Damh Misneachail’; Misneachail the Stag meaning courageous. Misneachail the Stag was a force of nature that was fearless and renowned for his forthrightness and outspokenness in pursuit of only one thing the truth. There are opposing tales of what he was like some stories portrayed him as a bully while others describe a captivating storyteller of tall tales and mischief.”

As parents navigating the 21st Century we face many challenges, none more than an ideology that ‘Hurt Feelings’ supersede the intrinsic need for reality and truth. The fabric of society will slowly and then quickly crumble when we fail to have the courage to be ‘the parents in the room’ and defend and teach the truth to our children and teenagers. Ideologies have came and gone in every civilisation and are eventually swept away when based on a lie, untruth or fictional concept.

At 53 the greatest male and female role models of my lifetime in parenting were strong men and women individuals brought up in the 1920’s and 1940’s.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

Similarly Hard times create strong parents, strong parents create good times, good times create weak parents and weak parents create hard times’.

Parenting isn’t about the the big issues but multiple small intrinsic lessons in the principles, habits and standards we demonstrate, teach and show by example to our children. The now functioning responsible adults I once knew as children came from parents that believed in being a real ‘Parent, Mum or Dad’ rather than ‘your Best Friend’. Parenting is wonderful, a privilege and the greatest gift you can ever receive but is an ever changing challenge, a roller coaster ride that to navigate you need structure, consistency and the hardest thing of all ‘tough love’.

It can take many decades before you recognise the truths in life, it often takes time before you recognise those that spoke the ‘Truth’. That firm auntie or uncle, that scolding grandparent did so because they understood that true love isn’t always about being your best friend or being liked, but by teaching you that the ‘Truth’ always prevails. Even if on reflection it may take you until adulthood or even decades to recognise who truly loved you?

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