Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator Denise McKeever.

My books will appeal to parents who endeavour to try and give their children a childhood full of magical innocence. If like Denise you believe our role as parents is to shield our little ones from the worries of the world you will love her picture books.

Denise’s books and illustrations resonate with traditional values about friendship, love, creativity and joy. Books created to encourage us to celebrate childhood ‘The Sacred Chapter in life with Space and Time to DREAM’.

Join Denise as she endeavours to be a positive advocate for children and reclaim childhood as a sacred and protected chapter in life- a time and space for only childlike thoughts and things!

Why should I buy one of Denise’s Books?

  • Denise’s books are affordable and accessible to all -available in both e-book and paperback and soon to be available in hardback! All books are printed just for you (not second-hand or pre-used).
  • The subjects covered are both fun, empowering and inspiring from simple relatable stories about friendship to health, fitness and mindfulness.
  • All of her books are hand drawn in colourful, vibrant colours with original characters designs both real and fantasy creatures. Original illustrations that will engage and capture your child’s imagination!
  • Her books are all about positivity and hope with simple elements relating to empowerment and self help.

What makes Denise a great Children’s Illustrator & Author?

Denise believes that children are our hope for the future; a happy child will develop into a happy adult and a happy society.

Denise has a natural affinity with children as a mother of three, second eldest of nine siblings with a career in various roles teaching and working with children from Art teacher to Children’s Theatre designer and Creator. An ex-entrepreneur & B.A. Honours Design graduate of Edinburgh College of Art with a love for colour, imagination and fantasy .

Who is her hero?

Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” . Denise’s first sketch book was an old diary her dad gave her age five which she filled with drawings of Mickey Mouse and Goofy to Pinocchio.

Denise shares a monthly Blog on self help and personal development for parent’s, carers and children with ideas on improving your child’s literacy & mental well-being with fun and engaging stories, illustrated characters and art.

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Young Fantasy Fiction

Have fun with ‘The Scribblers’ and learn about Doodle, Digit, Splat and Scribe and their individual loves and talents!


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