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Exciting undiscovered Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator

Welcome to my wonderful home of positive Children’s books, I am Denise McKeever Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator. I hope my creative books and illustrations will inspire & empower your little ones and encourage them to read. Discover my exciting collection of colourful books all traditionally hand drawn individually for each of my Children’s picture books!

Latest book release: My Favourite Dog Books: collection now in hardback!

Most importantly why should you buy one of Denise’s Books?

Wonderful Scottish Children’s Picture Books

  • My books are about positivity & fulfilling your individual potential.
  • Plus my books are affordable & accessible to all.
  • I write books relevant to today with traditional values appropriate for young children.
  • They are available in both e-book, hardback & paperback!
  • All of my books are printed just for you, not second-hand.
  • I love creating my unique style of classical hand drawn illustrations.
  • The subjects covered are both empowering & inspiring with creative stories and characters.
  • I aim to show parents and children how personal development can help you throughout your life.
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Scottish Children’s Picture Book Author & Illustrator

Who is the Author & Illustrator Denise McKeever?

Denise McKeever is a wife and mum of three teenagers, a B.A. Honours Design graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and an ex-business owner for over 25 years. ‘Writing and illustrating books has become a brilliant medium to share my ideas with young people who lack confidence and belief in their ability to fulfil their dreams’. Denise has a real passion for empowering and encouraging young people to fulfil their potential through the skills of self-help, personal development & creativity. Denise fills her time as both a Children’s Author & Illustrator & Coach to professionals in the Creative sector (business mentor).


Series 1 Episode 1-9 Every Saturday at 5pm September 23rd-November 18th 2023

Denise McKeever Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator BLOG

Additionally I have a free monthly Blog. Here I looks at different subjects related to self-help and personal development plus regular updates on my new book releases! Plus we have some great parenting tips which you can see with our weekly illustrated pins with quotes! Join me as I endeavour to be a positive advocate for young people and their dreams.

What makes Denise a great Young Adult Author & Illustrator?

Most importantly I am a mum of three teenagers & understand the challenges that young people face today. Likewise I am from a very large family with lots of younger brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews. My life’s work has included various work with young people from the roles of teacher, coach to mentor.

‘Throughout my life adults always comment on my instant rapport with young people and children’.

Discover my Magical new collection of Kid’s Books!

Above all my books are created with art to bring my stories to life. To sum up ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Especially for little ones just learning to read!

Picture books by Scottish Author & Illustrator Denise McKeever

What is the secret of ‘The Gamekeepers: The Highland Games’?

The Gamekeepers is a Young Adult fantasy fiction book based around Scottish mythology and a good measure of 21st century innovation. Be dazzled with spectacular endangered creatures and wildlife and join a young girl on her journey and challenge of self discovery along with her best friend Polly (her dog) and five majestic creatures. Join her as she battles against a great Kelpie, wolves and mermaids in her challenge to save the wildlife of Scotland from extinction. With the help of her friends Spiorad, Misneachail, Sonas, Radharc, Barail and Brammer! A magical adventure about friendship, personal development and lives challenges. Stunningly depicted through the eyes of an artist and lover of wildlife and Scottish mythology!

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