Parenting Quotes & Affirmations

In our daily lives as parents we need reminding of what is important. As an avid reader of a wide range of books from self-help, spirituality to business I love collecting quotes. From the great classics to the unknown everyone can have a little word of wisdom. Something to guide you through the day as a parent.

In these challenging times as parents this is my little way of offering reassurance & support to parents. Letting you know we all question ourselves daily. And as our children grow our challenges, questions & role as parents change.

Hopefully my little weekly quotes along with my blogs will uplift your day. Maybe offer a pause for thought or remind you that you are just trying to do your best!

Above all we all make mistakes! That is to say we are all human!

Why did I start writing & illustrating books for children?

My journey into writing came after 20 years as an entrepreneur when I was involved in a youth mentoring program, in High Schools. During this short experience I was disappointed by the lack of inspiration & optimism in our Youth. Unlike myself in my youth, many of the young people I met had a very uninspired vision for themselves & an absence of any dreams for the future.

Above all as a student of personal development since an early age I believe that something has been taken from this generation. Something I have never seen in all my years working with or around teenagers. Is it a change in cultural behaviours, education, teaching, parenting? The influences of social media and tech culture?

I believe strongly in the quote by Aristotle “Give me a child until he (she) is 7 and I will show you the man (woman)“. As a children’s Art teacher in my early career & someone surrounded by children all my life I know something has went wrong. What has changed with this young generation in those first 7 years of life? What did I see in the eyes of those young teenagers? How can we ensure this trend is reversed especially with our youth? Finally how can we ensure the next generation are empowered and inspired?

Subsequently for those young teenagers I was inspired to write my first fantasy book ‘The Gamekeepers; the Highland Games’.

Likewise for the next generation under the age of seven I hope to inspire them to simply dream starting with ‘The Scribblers’.

Finally parenting is a skill in progress!