Christmas Gift for Kids 2023

At this time of year we are all looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for Kids. Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce children to their first experience of reading & discovering different types of books. Whether your child has a special pet, interest in sports, a passion for a certain past time there are lots of books to choose from to engage their imagination and begin the journey that will develop a love for reading!

Will you spread the Joy of Reading this Christmas?

Why not find a special stocking filler for that nephew, niece, neighbour or grand child and start a special relationship of the Auntie, Uncle or Grand parent that introduced them to books? As a child I remember the small hardback book collections produced by Ladybird Books. One of my favourites ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. I remember fondly tucking up in my bunk bed reading this story in the dark.

Additionally when you’re adding to your shopping cart on Amazon why not have a wee look to see if there is anything that would make a great stocking filler! Do you have a child who has a love for their pet dog? Our first picture book ‘My First Friend’ has been a roaring success in the U.S.A selling in over 42 U.S.A States. It has been so popular we have even created a special edition in Spanish!

Moreover why not check out my latest book ‘Puppy Love’ about your first love a beautiful book for little ones! A wonderful addition to ‘I Love My Dog’ inspired by all my dog lover followers on twitter/ X.

Then the question is will you spread the Joy of Reading this Christmas?

Alternatively feel free to preview all our wonderful children’s books for FREE with Story time with Granny Burns a full series with over nine episodes!

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