Scottish Story Teller & Author 2024

As a Scottish Children’s Author & Illustrator I decided to create my own Story telling podcast on Youtube. ‘Granny Burns Story Time’ has been a roaring success! Allowing us to share our books with a wider audience of children & parents.

Over a 9 week period every Saturday at 5pm UK time we scheduled our weekly podcast with ‘Granny Burns’ narrated by Denise. Since its launch we have seen a great uptake in new subscribers and great viewing figures. This has given us a wonderful opportunity to showcase our wide range of children’s picture books! This gives children and parents a taster of our books before they buy one of our paperbacks, hardbacks or ebooks.

Over the nine consecutive episodes every Saturday evening we have had particular interest in our children’s book’ Scottish Alphabet: for Children’. Currently with over 10 thousand views and climbing!

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Additionally if your little one’s love dogs you will love our three episodes on our three dog books Puppy Love, My First Friend & I Love My Dog. ‘My First Friend; your first dog’ has been a great success in the U.S. successfully selling in 42 U.S.A. States with Five Star reviews!

Alternatively if you have creative wee one’s and Toty kids you will love ‘The Scribblers’ choose from Doodle, Digit, Scribe or Splat.

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