Have you lost your Passion?

Have you Lost your Passion? Find your Passion by thinking differently! We often loose sight of our lives passion at the junction of life when we swap the wrongly perceived characteristics of the child for the adult.

When did you loose your courage?

Did you stop taking risks?

Why did you stop being unreasonable? And start following others ideas & thinking?

Was there a point in life when you gave up on your vision & stopped dreaming?

Did you loose faith in yourself?

When did you loose your passion? And trade your gift for a day job and a wage?

How to regain your Passion!

If you want to regain your passion simply watch your children, listen to their ideas, their dreams and hopes. And there you will see a reflection of what was once your passion in life. Rediscover the six characteristics of the great entrepreneur, the inventor, the creative thinker and the child;

The Spirit; Our Passion

The Believer; Faith in ourselves

The Designer; Our vision and dreams

The Inventor; Our own ideas & thinking

The Gambler; Our willingness to take risks

The Rebel; Our courage to defend what we value

Four secrets to rekindling and discovering clues to your lost Passions in Life;

  1. Rediscover the child within you & analyse the above characteristics.
  2. If at the lowest point in life you had nothing material left to offer your neighbour. What is the single thing you always have to share?
  3. Recall experiences of greatest personal frustration and fulfilment in life (your earliest childhood memory of fulfilled JOY! that wasn’t motivated by the approval or praise of your parents or others). Then ask yourself what clues they offer in identifying your greatest gifts, values and passions in life.
  4. When discussing a specific subject when are you most animated, articulate, enthusiastic & confident. And how is this reflective in the books, author and films you love.

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