Who are my Positive Friends?

The great entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie shared with Napoleon Hill what he called the Power of the Mastermind Alliance or in its simplest form the power of Positive Friends.

The lessons of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ are as relevant today as they were when published back in 1937. Yet we still don’t teach its principles to our children in schools or higher education. From my experience Think & Grow Rich is the bible of every great entrepreneur or individual seeking personal or professional success.

Napoleon Hill

A brilliant question from Napoleon Hill’s chapter of self -analysis on ‘How to outwit the six ghosts of fear’ is the question;

‘What connection if any do you see between the people with whom you associate most closely and any unhappiness you may experience?’

Like Andrew Carnegie Henry Ford had his own mastermind group which included brilliant thinkers like Thomas Edison. They understood the power and influence of surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals. They didn’t surround themselves with critics and pessimists but positive friends and visionaries that shared their optimism and a genuine want to assist each other constructively in fulfilling their goals.  

This similarly can have a major affect on the lives of our children and teens. Who are they surrounded by and influenced by? What are their mentors and peers like? A positive or negative influence? Inspiring, encouraging, optimistic? Napoleon Hill has some great insights and lessons for parents on the subject of self help.

  1. Who as a child were your Positive Friends?
  2. Who encouraged supported and lifted your spirits?
  3. Which teacher, role model, parent, sibling or grandparent gave you genuine encouragement?
  4. Who filled your mind with positive ideas, thoughts and thinking?
  5. Who are your children’s friends that uplift, inspire and encourage them most?

As an adult today who are your Positive Friends? Where is your Mastermind Alliance? Therefore sew the seeds in the imagination of your children starting with a positive & inspiring  character, positive words, inspiring and empowering stories and lessons in self-help. But more importantly encourage them to surround themselves with Positive Friends and Positive Books!

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