New Children’s Author 2024

What do we need from Children’s Authors and Illustrators in 2022?

As a mum of three the past nineteen months could have been either the most positive or most negative experience for my children. So what should a new children’s author be writing about in 2022? What do kid’s need?

As a parent and children’s author I believe we need to reassess first what our children really want to read and hear. Not what in day to day life the teachers, academics, media, politicians, social warriors and government task groups want or think they need to hear.


Parents ultimately know what is best for their children! I believe we need more Children’s Authors in 2022 who are parents. Parents that will speak up for the real issues facing children in this 21st century.

As I have said before when we receive the greatest honour in life when ‘I becomes Mum or Dad’ we become their lifelong gatekeepers but more importantly a voice to speak on their behalf.

Many of us as parents just want to get the basics right & have happy, confident children with good mental & physical health. And a positive educational experience that supports them in fulfilling their dreams.

In my first Young Adult book ‘The Gamekeepers; the Highland Games’ which I published in early 2019, I shared my thoughts on the two challenges I believe teenagers are facing today. First the 21st century distracted and absent parent and secondly the over-stretching power & influence of Social Media.

Importantly in the past nineteen months I believe we have changed the growing trend of the distracted or absent parent.

For many of us as parents who have had to work from home we have had to face some sobering realities. Becoming teacher & surrogate classmate we have become closer to our children. We have discovered how to listen more, we have become present in the moment, less distracted. And our relationships with our children have become better for the unplanned circumstances of working remotely.

Unfortunately we still have the greater battle to win ‘the damaging forces of Social Media!’.

ARE you a New Children’s Author for 2022?

So for any mums or dad’s out there looking for a new career in 2022.

Could you express what your children want to hear?

Can you express on paper the real challenges your children are facing day to day?

Could you offer some inspiration and escapism for your children’s generation?

Can you be a resounding voice for your children?

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