Why we need to protect the innocence of Childhood!

As a society we have already seen the erosion of our adolescence. The line has already been crossed between adulthood and teenager where our teenagers are baring the weight of adult worries, ideas and thinking well before their time. Played out in social media, advertising and day to day life they are bombarded with identity politics and adult content.

The same infringement is now seeping into what I call the Sacred Chapter of Life ‘Childhood- a time and space for only childlike thoughts and things’. The lives and minds of our under 12’s are now the next battle ground and focus of attention. And as parents we need to wake up as we are asleep at the wheel.

I believe that from the moment you bring your little bundle of joy into this world and your identity changes from I to Mum or Dad you have a duty of care to feed, clothe, shelter and care for your baby. But to truly provide the emotional, love security and happiness each child deserves the right to a childhood free of adult things. We need to readdress something that for many years now we have got VERY wrong.

When I becomes Mum or Dad

When I becomes Mum or Dad small decisions, responsible thoughtful decisions and habits matter. We have become a society where we are trading childhood innocence and allowing the education system to teach issues that have no place in a virtuous and ethical society and not relevant to this Sacred Chapter of a child’s life.

As parents we are the protectors and guardians of our children’s mental health and wellbeing their care and protection is our duty and responsibility. This is OUR JOB NEVER THEIRS that is why we have been given the greatest privilege in life and blessed with title of being called Mum or Dad.

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