Teaching Kid’s about TRUE Love!

As a parent navigating the various stages in your child’s life can be challenging. As we all know you overcome one challenge and a new one appears. That is the responsibility that comes with the blessing and priviledge of being called Mum or Dad! Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate different subjects and find new ways to introduce and explain emotions, feelings and experiences.

As a Children’s author and illustrator I believe that books in particular picture books are a fabulous way to relate to your children and introduce them to different subjects that we as parents may be at a loss to explain or convey. Two of my favourite books are ‘My First Friend’ but on this subject in particular ‘Puppy Love’ these books teach the principles of both friendship and love through the relationship a child has with their puppy and pet dog. In the case of ‘My First Friend’ my own Polly our family Golden Retriever or who I refer to as the fourth wean (child) in the family.

In my case everything I would never have allowed parenting my three children I forgot with the fourth wean- a lesson in life I will relate in a future post.

If you are looking for a gentle and fun way to teach your little one about ‘True Love’ and what it really means both these books are a great starting point for little ones. A particularly nice gift for Valentines Day or for sharing in a slightly more detached way about the behaviours, expectation, respect and feelings of experiencing true love!

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